Hi-K 0-26-28

Hi-K is the ideal product to incorporate into programs where maturation is the goal. Potassium deficiency can contribute to uneven set and fruit ripening, reduced vigor, slow brix development, and reduced yield. Low phosphorous levels have been shown to affect final fruit quality (color, sugars) and seed development.

TECH-SPRAY Hi-K improves color development on stone fruit, apples and grapes.  Hi-K is also used in freeze and drought resistance programs.

pH Range: 8-9

13.6   lbs./gal

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Rely on Hi-K When Maturation is Your Goal

  • Increase brix
  • Safe after verasion on wine grapes
  • Improve nutfill and kernel size in tree nuts
  • NO Chlorides, NO Nitrates, NO Sulfates
  • pH near neutral

High Quality Grapes & Tree Nuts


Our proprietary formulation of potassium and phosphate, enhanced with POLYSORBYGEN™ provides synergistic benefits beyond what you’d expect from the “derived from” statement.

During veraison, wine grape growers use TECH-SPRAY Hi-K to influence brix while maintaining acid ratio, yielding the highest quality grapes. Tree nut growers use TECH-SPRAY Hi-K leading up to harvest to improve nut fill, size, and quality.

Derived from: Phosphoric Acid, Potassium Phosphate