TECH-SPRAY® products supply essential plant nutrients as part of custom spray programs

TECH-SPRAY liquid concentrates are water-soluble and designed to be used with TECH-FLO® products, but may be used by themselves.  They are often used to supplement soil-applied fertilizers.  Growers return year after year for our TECH-SPRAY products.  Many tell us they are amazed at the results and wish they had switched to using our products sooner.

The TECH-SPRAY® Product Line

Highly concentrated, fast-acting liquid plant nutrients designed for maximum effectiveness. TECH-SPRAY Hi-K is top-seller in this product line.

The benefits of TECH-SPRAY®

  • Prevent nutrient deficiencies
  • Maintain nutrient balances in plants
  • Stimulate responses influencing plant vigor, yield, and crop quality
  • Compatible with each other and TECH-FLO products
  • Use on vines, tree crops, vegetables, field and row crops
  • Use on nursery stock, ornamentals, turf and lawns


POLYSORBYGEN is added for additional stability and useablity, and the resulting product supplies a steady supply of essential nutrients where plants need it most.

Our unique nutrient delivery system, Polysorbygen, improves nutrient uptake, translocation, and utilization by plants. No need to add buffers, activators, surfactants, or compatibility aids.  Just add to your tank mix and GO!

For specific crop recommendations including materials, rates, and timing please read product labels and consult a Nutrient Technologies representative.

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