Tech-Flo Benefits

  • Higher yields.
  • Improved quality of produce including: Size, color, sugar, firmness.
  • Better storage, handling, and shipping properties of produce.
  • Earlier and more uniform crop maturity.
  • Enhanced vigor of trees and vines.
  • Improved potential for productivity.
  • Correction or prevention of nutrient deficiencies and imbalances.

Tech-Flo® premium foliar nutrients are different.

Advanced Suspension Technology in Tech-Flo foliar nutrientsWe combine top grade nutrient ingredients with both physical processes and chemical reactions to create controlled-solubility nutrient particles. We further mill the partic
les down to one micron in size, to ensure maximum surface area coverage when applied to the leaf.

POLYSORBYGEN is added for additional stability and useablity, and the resulting product supplies a steady supply of essential nutrients where plants need it most.

Tech-Flo products are safe to use on all crops, and with suggested rates between 1 pint and 6 quarts per acre, offer growers nutrients at a competitive cost per acre.

  • Non-corrosive
  • Non-abrasive
  • pH neutral

Here is a quick reference guide to some of the most popular Tech-Flo products.

Tech-Flo Nutrient Blends for foliar feeding crops


Tech-Flo All Season Blend with 13 Essential NutrientsProvides high analysis of 13 essential nutrients, ALL SEASON BLEND serves as the basis of many spray programs. Growers can combine TECH-FLO and TECH-SPRAY products to target specific nutrient requirements, influence desirable traits, or meet crop quality goals.

Safe at rates up to 6 quarts per acre, no other formulation on the market today can offer as high of analysis with the safety and compatibility of ALL SEASON BLEND.

11.30 lbs/gal

pH range 6-8



Supplying 5% Zinc, 8% Calcium, and 10% P2O5, ALPHA serves as a basis for spray programs on all crops where Zinc and Calcium are the primary nutrients of concern and Manganese is not desired.  ALPHA is used by itself or combined with TECH-FLO GAMMA on apples and pears to enhance tree vigor and improve fruit finish, on green leafy vegetables for quality improvement, on tomatoes and peppers for fruit firmness and reduction of blossom-end rot.  It improves stress tolerance on tree crops as evidenced by reduced leaf and fruit drop on citrus and avocados exposed to extreme heat, moisture stress, or strong winds.

11.20 lbs/gal

pH range 6-8


Containing 6½% Zinc and Manganese, and 6% P2O5, BETA stimulates a vegetative response and is ideal for early growth applications.  It is particularly efficacious on root crops, green leafy vegetables, peas and beans, cucurbits, and transplants.  It is widely used on California citrus to maintain Zinc and Manganese levels and for increasing yield and quality.  Early season sprays on deciduous fruits and vines stimulate growth and plant vigor without detrimental effects on yield and quality.

11.60 lbs/gal

pH range: 7-9

*Late season application on fruit crops may delay maturity.  Not recommended for areas where Manganese levels may be excessive.


Containing 5% Iron, Phi is very effective in correcting Iron chlorosis.  It has also been reported to stimulate growth and improve plant vigor on crops grown on marginal soils, particularly where salinity or oil-soaking is a problem.  Deficiencies are often seen in the spring, when cool, moist soils tie up iron in the soil.

11.00 lbs/gal

pH range: 5-7

Tech-Flo Zeta Zinc 22% tree crop foliar nutrients


Its 22% Zinc content is extremely effective in influencing Zinc levels in plant tissue.  Originally developed for dormant/delayed dormant applications on deciduous fruit trees, ZETA has been found to be equally suitable for foliage application on nearly all crops, particularly: pecans, walnuts, almonds, hops, grapes, pome fruits, and stone fruits.  Especially useful in situations where Zinc levels remain chronically low and on crops unresponsive to other forms of Zinc.

12.00 lbs/gal

pHrange: 6-8

*Zinc may delay maturity if applied too near harvest.


Formulated primarily to supplement Potassium, its guarantee of 3-6-14 plus 5% Zinc makes SIGMA a versatile, broad-purpose material.  It may be applied at any time during the growing season; but is particularly recommended for mid-to-late season application to influence maturity, sugar development, and color on crops having a high Potash requirement such as: tomatoes, celery, strawberries, seed crops, corn, cotton, stone fruits, etc.  SIGMA is also very effective in promoting cold hardiness and in aiding recovery from freeze, frost, hail, or herbicide damage.

11.00 lbs/gal

pH range: 6-8


Nutrient Tecnologies’ foliar nutrients provide more than just nutritional value.

Our unique nutrient delivery system POLYSORBYGEN improves nutrient uptake, translocation, and utilization by plants. No need to add buffers, activators, surfactants, or compatibility aids.  Just add to your tank mix and GO!

POLYSORGYGEN safens the nutrients in TECH-FLO and TECH-SPRAY products for unsurpassed compatibility with most all agricultural chemicals including oil sprays.  If you are looking for nutrient products that contain enough nutrients to make a noticeable difference, are safe to use on even the most sensitive crops, and are compatible with what’s already in the spray tank… you have come to the right place.

POLYSORBYGEN is a proprietary, multi-component system designed to enhance product performance and formulation stability that perform many functions:

  • Surfactants to lower surface tension to wet the foliage better.
  • Humectants to keep the leaf surface moist for better nutrient absorption.
  • Penetrants to aid absorption through the cuticle and assist translocation in the plant.
  • Buffers to keep pH in a near-neutral range to reduce risk of phytotoxicity and promote pesticide compatibility.
  • Antifoam agents to reduce foaming in the spray tank.
  • Adjuvants to improve sticking properties on the foliage.
  • Dispersants to prevent agglomeration of particles into clumps and promote fluidity.
  • Thickeners to add body and viscosity.
  • Suspending agents to slow the rate of settling of the micronized particles in the containers and spray tanks.
  • Anti-microbial agents to prevent mold and bacterial growth in the products.
  • Emulsifiers to promote homogeneity between water-soluble and oil-soluble components.