Biostimulant and Root Activator

Nutrient Technologies Acrecio: Biostimulant and root activator with humid acid and amino acid ACRECIO is a root activator made up of 4 active ingredients:

1.HumicAcid: The humic acids in ACRECIO protect the active ingredients and guarantee’s their complete assimilation.

  • Improve the bioavailability of elements for plants by limiting their precipitation
  • Helps Reduce the leaching of certain elements.
  • Biostimulant – Humic acid stimulates the soils microorganisms making nutrients more readily available.

2. L-Tryptophan (Amino Acid): Natural precursor for auxin production

  • Auxins are a powerful growth hormone produced naturally by plants. They are found in shoot and root tips and promote cell division, stem and root growth
  • Auxins is mostly synthesized from tryptophan
  • L-Tryptophan Amplifies Auxin production in root development

3. L-Methionine (Amino Acid): Natural precursor for ethylene production

  • Ethylene is a plant hormone that relies on a tight collaboration with auxin to influence plant growth and can stimulate elongation of roots and shoots
  • L-Methionine Intensifies the action of Auxin on roots

4. ACRECIACTIV®Amplifies the action of auxin on cell division and elongation

Acreciactiv® stimulates :

  • Root growth
  • Photosynthetic metabolism – plant growth and development are increased
  • Assimilation and transport of nutrients
  • ACRECIACTIV® is a new generation molecule

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Vine Seal

Tech-Gro B-Lock vine seal with boric acid , protect from EutypaTech-Gro B-Lock is a specialty product produced by Nutrient Technologies for grape vines that forms a physical, impenetrable barrier on pruning wounds to speed up the plant’s natural healing process and keep spores that cause eutypa dieback out.

B-Lock is a unique elastomeric “paint” with 5% Boric Acid that is liberally applied to fresh pruning wounds and stretches as the plant grows without breaking the seal.  B-Lock is not a fungicide, instead it forms a physical barrier as the pruning wound heals that helps protect plants from spores and therefore infection from the fungus, which ultimately leads to a loss of the vine.

Eutypa dieback is a perennial canker disease of grapevine (Vitis vinifera) caused by Eutypa lata. The fungus produces ascospores, which infect grapevines through pruning wounds during the dormant season. Management of the disease has been achieved with fungicide applications during the dormant period. However, no effective fungicide was available for this purpose after Benlate was withdrawn from the market.

Rolshausen, P. E., and Gubler, W. D. 2005. Plant Dis. 89:734-738.

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Premium Wetting Agents

Tech Flo Spray Naiad AG Premium Wetting Agent soil salinity solution
Naiad is a blend of non-ionic and anionic pharmaceutical-grade soil surfactants. This unique blend of surfactants helps spread water uniformly over the soil surface and through a soil structure. Naiad tilts and flocculates the soil surface so the water can enter between the soil particles. By helping the irrigation water go into the soil, Naiad improves the field moisture profile and insures the availability of water for plant growth, development, and for use in the evapotranspiration process.

Water is essential to every function within a plant. It is essential to photosynthesis, to cooling, to growth, to turgor, to root development, and to overall vigor. Water serves as a solvent and as a reagent and is the single most important nutrient used by a plant. Water is involved in every maintenance practice in agriculture operations, such as fertilizing, pesticide treatments, and tilling. Water often needs help in doing its job effectively and efficiently. While most properties of water are beneficial, surface tension is not, and can result in inefficient water utilization and crop loss if not modified. When irrigation water is combined with Naiad, and properly applied, these water/soil penetration problems can be alleviated and even prevented.

Benefits of using Naiad

  • Opens soil structures for leaching salts, chlorides, bicarbonates and many other unwanted soil contaminants out of the root zone.
  • Hastens reclamation of alkali fields by aiding in the leaching process.
  • Improves crop vigor by aiding in the full utilization of applied nutrients and water.
  • Reduces the possibility of plant stress between irrigations.
  • Allows water to move easily through soil layers.
  • Helps fertilizers work better.
  • Can reduce Ec levels by up to 50%.
  • Helps promote healthy root growth. According to studies performed at the University of Arizona and the University of California (Riverside), Naiad helps control the spread of Phytophthora root rot.
  • According to a study currently in progress in Costa Rica, Naiad may help reduce the population of certain types of nematodes in the root zone.
Nutrient Technologies is the exclusive US distributor for Naiad products.

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