NUTRIGANIC® Organic Fertilizers for Organic Crops

Our NUTRIGANIC line offers organic growers high quality, foliar micronutrients essential for optimizing yields.

The NUTRIGANIC® Product Line

Concentrated OMRI Listed organic suspensions developed using the same proprietary milling process as our TECH-FLO® line of products. Nutrient particles are micronized- averaging 1 micron in size- to ensure maximum surface area coverage for improved uptake by the plant.

(pending approval)
Magnesium   (pending approval)

Benefits of Foliar Feeding in Organic Farming

  • Fast response. Nutrient uptake through the foliage is much faster than through the roots, making foliar feeding ideal for rapid correction of deficiencies, imbalances, and improved responses to a variety of stress conditions.
  • Ecologically Sound. Foliar application of fertilizer reduces transfer to the soil and limits the probability of leaching into groundwater supplies. 
  • Field results have shown that when following label guidelines, NUTRIGANIC products are safe and have no phytotoxic effects, even when applied to sensitive vegetable, such as celery and spinach, and tree fruit crops like cherries.
  • Results can include increased yield, earlier maturity, improved plant vigor, and better tolerance to environmental stresses.

The NUTRIGANIC Proprietary Technology Allows For: 

  • Rapid correction of nutrient deficiencies and imbalances.
  • Safe application rates that supply enough nutrients to make a difference.
  • Safe applications for vines, tree crops, vegetables, field and row crops.
  • Safe applications for nursery stock, ornamentals, turf and lawns.

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