Ag Specialty Products by Nutrient Technologies

We combine top grade nutrient ingredients with both physical processes and chemical reactions to create controlled-solubility nutrient particles. We further mill the particles down to one micron in size, to ensure maximum surface area coverage when applied to the leaf.

Ag Specialty Products

Ag specialty products TECH-GRO B-Lock Vine Seal for grapes, Naiad premium wetting agents and ROOTERRA Biostimulant to maximize crop yield.

Our Products

  • Higher yields
  • Improved quality in size, color, sugar and firmness
  • Better storage, handling, and shipping properties of produce
  • Earlier and more uniform crop maturity
  • Enhanced vigor of trees and vines
  • Improved potential for productivity
  • Correction or prevention of nutrient deficiencies and imbalances
  • Non-corrosive
  • Non-abrasive
  • pH neutral


  • Use on tree crops, vines, vegetables, field crops and row crops
  • Apply directly to foliage by spraying
  • Compatible with most pesticides and fungicides
  • No dissolving time or heat required to disperse in spray tank
  • Product labels and instructions available online
  • Mobile App can help identify nutritional needs in the field

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