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Tech-Flo All Season, ZMC, Zeta Zinc 22%


Essential plant nutrients for optimal yields. Tech-Flo products deliver concentrated amounts of secondary and micronutrients controlled-release flowable formulations. Safe, effective, easy to use.

Tech-Spray Hi-K 0-26-28 perfumes better than other foliar K potassium


Highly concentrated, fast-acting liquid plant nutrients designed for maximum effectiveness. Tech-Spray Hi-K is top-seller in this product line.

Tech Gro fertilizer products


Highly concentrated dry plant nutrients designed for bulk spray or soil application. Tech-Gro MiraCal, Alpha DF, and B-17 Boric Acid Spray.

Ag specialty products Tech-Gro B-Lock creates barrier to protect against Eutypa

Ag Specialty Products

Learn more about specialty products produced or distributed by Nutrient Technologies. Tech-Gro B-Lock Vine Seal is specifically designed for vineyards. NAIAD Premium Wetting Agents alleviates soil/water penetration problems on fields.