Nutrient Technologies’ products are uniquely formulated high-performance foliar nutrients

TECH-FLO®, TECH-SPRAY® and TECH-GRO® agriculture fertilizers are manufactured for performance, plant safety, and tank mix compatibility. They contain everything needed to deliver plant nutrients to crops safely and effectively. No buffers, activators, surfactants, or compatibility aids need to be added for Nutrient Technologies’ products to be effective. To determine use for a specific crop, consult the product label or contact our sales department.

The TECH-FLO® Product Line

Essential plant nutrients for optimal yields. TECH-FLO products deliver concentrated amounts of secondary and micronutrients in controlled-release flowable formulations. Safe, effective, easy to use.

The TECH-SPRAY® Product Line

Highly concentrated, fast-acting liquid plant nutrients designed for maximum effectiveness. TECH-SPRAY Hi-K is top-seller in this product line.

The TECH-GRO™ Product Line

Highly concentrated dry plant nutrients designed for bulk spray or soil application. TECH-GRO MIRA-CAL and AlphaDF.

The NUTRIGANIC® Product Line

Concentrated OMRI Listed organic suspensions developed using the same proprietary milling process as our TECH-FLO® line of products. Nutrient particles are micronized- averaging 1 micron in size- to ensure maximum surface area coverage for improved uptake by the plant.

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Magnesium   (pending approval)

Ag Specialty Products

Ag specialty products TECH-GRO B-Lock Vine Seal for grapes, Naiad premium wetting agents and ROOTERRA Biostimulant to maximize crop yield.

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