Nutrient technologies Production Team
Our Production Team: Julio Marin, Chris Reimche, Orlando Arciga, Juan Carlos Guzman (bottom row) Jerzan Arciga, David Soria.

Grow With Us!

At Nutrient Technologies, Inc. we believe that the health of the world depends on the health of its food. In order to provide healthy food, growers must address the nutritional needs of their crops. Our core purpose is to serve agriculture with innovative plant nutrition products that are safe, effective, and easy to use.

Since 1986 we have been manufacturing and selling agricultural fertilizer products. We continue to research and develop innovative products that work better at delivering nutrients than competitive alternatives.  Growers continue to use our products season after season because they see results and increased profits.

Our sales team is comprised of agronomists with CCA and/or PCA licenses.  They work with growers and distributors to address crop nutritional needs and proactively prevent nutrient deficiencies.  Custom spray programs are recommended depending on the stage of the growing cycle and goals of the grower.

Nutrient Technologies distribution network has been made global thanks to becoming part of the De Sangosse family of companies.

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GregJohnson, President, Nutrient Technologies

Greg Johnson


Greg Johnson brings more the 35 years of diversified domestic and international experiences with crop protection products in a broad array of agricultural crop segments. He currently serves as President of two De Sangosse companies; Fine Americas, Inc. and Nutrient Technologies, Inc. Prior to Fine, he served in various positions with Arysta Life Sciences such as Director of Global Marketing and Director of Business Operations, Western Hemisphere. Earlier in his career he worked for AgriDyne Technologies and CIBA-GEIGY.

Jeff Reimche, Director of Technical Operations at Nutrient Technologies

Jeff Reimche

Director of Technical Operations

Jeff Reimche has been with Nutrient Technologies for over 25 years.  Jeff oversees all technical aspects of the company.  He oversees the 45,000 sq ft manufacturing facility and state-of-the-art production machinery, IT and networking solutions, and oversees new technology development in research, testing, and product development.

Luis Solari, PhD

Director of Development and Technical Support

Luis Solari, PhD joins the Nutrient Technologies team as Director of Development and Technical Support following a prestigious career in product research and development at Wilbur Ellis, Marrone Bio Innovations, and Monsanto.  Dr. Solari specializes in agricultural product development and management and has extensive experience advancing product innovations from conception through commercialization.  Dr. Solari received his PhD in Plant Sciences from the University of California and BS in Agricultural System Engineer from Universidad de la Republica, Montevideo, Uruguay.

Jeff Waters, Director of Sales and Marketing at Nutrient Technologies

Jeff Waters

Director of Sales and Marketing

Jeff Waters has a background in Soil Science and comes from an agricultural, sales, and business development background with companies like, Earthwise Organics, John Deere and Trimble.  At Nutrient Technologies, Jeff coordinates sales territories for our technical reps, trainings, grower meetings, and heads our corporate rebrand.

Chris Reimche, Chemist and Special Projects Manager at Nutrient Technologies

Chris Reimche

Production, Plant, and Lab Manager

Chris Reimche is a chemist and machinist.  He works hands-on in the lab developing and testing our products and new formulations to benefit plants and growers.  Chris designs and builds our custom mixing, milling, and packing machinery.  Chris has worked at Nutrient Technologies since 1994.

Jon Prosser, Financial Manager at Nutrient Technologies, Dinuba CA

Jon Prosser

Financial Manager

Jon Prosser joined our team in the wake of our acquisition by De Sangosse. After earning a degree in business management, he took the opportunity to contribute his organizational and analytical skills to our transition process. Jon is excited to continue growing with Nutrient Technologies. In addition to handling our bookkeeping functions, his role includes cost analysis, financial reporting, and budgeting.

Jason Howe, PCA with Nutrient Technologies Tech-Flo premium foliar nutrients

Jason Howe

Arizona and Southern CA Territory Sales Manager

Jason Howe brings a wealth of nutrient and crop expertise to his territory as a plant nutritionist and licensed PCA.  Jason works with a variety of crops in his diverse region- from pecans and wine grapes to alfalfa and leafy greens.  Jason can address difficult soil conditions and put growers on a path for better crops.

Andrea Holeman, Assistant Marketing Manager at Nutrient Technologies

Andrea Holeman

Assistant Marketing Manager

Andrea Holeman has a chemistry and public affairs background.  She works to develop a brand identity, oversees website and mobile app development, and coordinates company messaging.  Contact Andrea for advertising, press, or marketing inquiries.

Chris Rhodes, PCA, Central CA Territory Sales Manager, Nutrient Technologies

Chris Rhoades

Coastal CA Territory Sales Manager

Chris Rhoades is a licensed PCA and CCA and has worked for 7 years in the Santa Maria and Coastal California areas.  He recently joined the Nutrient Technologies’ team to cover our sales territory of Coastal CA from LA County in the south to San Mateo in the north.  He has a BS in Ag Business and Ag Science from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo and uses this knowledge to assist growers with recommendations of foliar nutrient fertilizers on the region’s varied crops like wine grapes, avocados, citrus,  strawberry, and vegetables.

Kirk Anderson, Northern CA Territory Sales Manager at Nutrient Technologies

Kirk Anderson

Northern California Territory Sales Manager

Kirk Anderson joined Nutrient Technologies in 2005 after working as a PCA in Northern California.  He has an AS degree in Crop Science and studied Plant Science after transferring. Kirk works with growers and PCAs in the Northern Central Valley and Sacramento Valley sales territory.  He works with a wide variety of crops and uses his knowledge to make foliar fertilizer recommendations for trees, vines and row crops throughout the area.

Michael Ruttan, Pacific Northwest Territory Sales Manager at Nutrient Technologies

Michael Ruttan

PNW Territory Sales Manager

Michael Ruttan is a licensed PCA since 2003 and has worked at Nutrient Technologies since 2007.  Michael covers our sales territory of the Pacific Northwest including Washington and Oregon.  He has a BS in Crop and Soil Science and Masters in Agronomy. He uses this knowledge to assist growers in his diverse region with recommendations of foliar nutrient fertilizers to use on tree, vine, and field and row crops.

Dr. Lester McNall founded Nutrient Technologies, Inc. in 1986 driven by his passion for plant chemistry and improving agriculture.  Dr. McNall researched and developed a line of foliar nutrient products beginning in 1984, incorporated Nutrient Technologies in 1986, and sold their first product in 1989.  He served as President and CEO of Nutrient Technologies, Inc. for 29 years, until the company was acquired by the De Sangosse group in 2015.  His vision to advance the frontiers of plant nutrition and promise to manufacture the best quality products remains with Nutrient Technologies today.

Dr. McNall received his BS in Organic Chemistry from the University of Wisconsin, Madison and his Doctorate in Chemistry of Natural Products from University of California, Los Angeles.  Notable achievements from his distinguished career include developing a new type of ink that writes over butter at PaperMate and holding two patents; one for a method for identifying rubber, and one for plasticizing high molecular weight polyisobutylene with terpene-phenol resins.  While Dr. McNall is now retired, he still enjoys spending time in his garden tending his plants and playing classical guitar.

Dr. Les McNall, President Ameritus and Founder

Dr. Les McNall, President Emeritus and Founder of Nutrient Technologies