By Robin Siktberg, Custom Content Editor, Meister Media Worldwide

The period after planting can be a touchy time. Young plants are especially vulnerable to environmental stressors and other challenges until root systems are well established. This is especially true for permanent crops such as grapes, fruit and nut trees, and berries. These long-term crops need to get established quickly in order to begin to yield fruit in a timely manner for the grower, and it needs to happen the right way. Strong, well-developed root systems are needed to support trees or vines for many years through everything nature throws at them, and still provide optimum yield.

Rooterra high-density apples

Rooterra was applied to a newly planted high-density apple orchard. One year later, treated trees (right) averaged 14.3 branches per tree; trees treated with grower-standard product averaged 9 branches per tree.

Providing nutrition with macro and micronutrients in the right balance, of course is key. Along with that, research increasingly shows that fertilizer isn’t the complete answer. Plant roots have a highly evolved, complex relationship with the soil, and everything plays a part: the porosity, organic and inorganic matter content, and microbial activity.

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