NERI= Nutrients + Seaweed

NERI Synergy Seaweed Micro Nutrients Ascophyluum nodosum

Our new NERI line combines the highest quality Ascophyllum nodosum with specific nutrients targeted to influence desirable traits in your crops…. in one jug!

NERI is designed to improve resistance to stresses (drought, heat, saline soils) while providing essential nutrients to the growing parts of the plant, where they are needed most.  NERI enhances the plant’s natural growth stages to yield the best possible crop.

NERI is named after the Neritc Zone
ne·rit·ic /nəˈridik/ adjective
relating to or denoting the shallow part of the sea near a coast and overlying the continental shelf.


NERI is offered in 6 concentrated, easy to use, flowable formulations enhanced with POLYSORBYGEN (R) for use as a foliar spray.

Neri Seaweed plant micronutrients ag foliar spray fretilizer

NERI Copper 5% Copper

NERI Mg 5% Magnesium

NERI Zinc 5% Zinc, 0.5% S

NERI Iron 0-2-0 + 3% Iron, 2.3% Ca

NERI Mn 0-2-0 + 5% Manganese

NERI Blend 0-2-1 + 1.5% Ca, 0.85% S, 0.65% Zn, 0.50% Mn, 0.30% Fe, 0.15% Cu, 0.08% B, 0.03% Mo, 0.02% Co

For more information about NERI, please contact our sales department.  NERI is new for 2019 and is offered in a limited release.

Download specimen label here.