Tech-Flo Outsizes Competitor on Almonds

Tech-Flo Tech-Spray vs Wilbur Ellis Competitor Foliar nut size almond pecan pistachio

Growers know that bigger nuts mean a bigger payday, but can you really expect foliar nutrients to make a noticeable difference in yield?

When we approached a grower in Gustine, CA about comparing his current foliar program against ours he didn’t expect to see much of a difference. The orchard was producing over 3,300 pounds an acre, and they said it was “good enough”.

TechFlo TechSpray Outsize the Competition on Tree Nut Almonds Pecan Pistachio Nutrient Technologies Wilbur Ellis Foliar

During the season, we simply replaced the foliar nutrients he always used for our recommended program. The spring saw a long bloom with hard freezes and unusually warm days mixed in. During late summer, there was a long, hot, dry stretch that pushed the limits of almost all crops in CA Central Valley.

Our 5 acres were harvested separately, weighed in the field, and samples of whole nuts were sent to our lab for assessment.

Our nuts were bigger, and overall tonnage increased to nearly 4000 pounds per acre.

Almond Frost Damage Protection Nutrient program tree nut Bloom

Foliar nutrients can improve pollen viability, improve fruit and nut-set, help improve plant’s tolerance to heat and water stress, and improve quality characteristics growers get paid on.

That is why we are here. To help you maximize your crop and increase it’s value. For over 30 years, we have provided results like these to growers like you.

Grow with us.

To get more information about this Almond Size Trials 2018, contact your area rep.

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