Almond Post Harvest Nutrition

Brandon Land checking Fresno county almond bloom Tech-Flo Tech-Spray Tech-Gro boron hi-K B-17 All Season Blend post-harvest

 Following the growing season, replenishing nutrients to store as carbohydrates for uniform bud-set next season is imperative. 

As Brent Holtz, county director and pomology advisor, wrote in Western Farm Press, “Plant nutrient levels are important, especially when heavier almond crops are produced. Nitrogen should not be added in late fall or winter due to leaching and potential loss. Potassium, foliar-applied zinc, and boron however, should be added if needed.”1 

Almond frost bloom damage Stanislaus Kern Hi-K potassium phosphorus post-harvest best bloom
Early season frost damage prevented with good nutrition, Spring 2018

The important nutrients for this time of year are Phosphorous, Potassium, Zinc, and Boron. The following programs and nutrients ensure that these essential nutrients are available post-harvest. If there are deficiencies of other nutrients the second and third programs address those issues. 

Brandon Land, our plant nutritionist in Kern, Kings, Madera, Fresno, and Tulare counties recommends the following program as a basic post-harvest almond program.  He will target specific deficiencies by swapping out TECH-FLO Zeta Zinc 22% with CVN Zinc 10% or AllSeason Blend, which supplies a balanced formulation of 13 essential nutrients.

  • TECH-SPRAY Hi-K 0-2-28 1-2qts/Acre 
  • TECH-FLO Zeta Zinc 22% Zn 1-2qts/Acre 
  • TECH-GRO B-17 17% Boron 2-3 #’s/Acre 
  • + LB Urea as determined by Nitrogen Management Plan 

Kirk Anderson, our North Valley tree nut expert recommends a similar foliar program, but has found that many of his growers prefer using just one nutrient product, and have been switching to  TECH-FLO ZMC for additional ease of use.

  • TECH-FLO All Season 1-2qts/Acre 
  • TECH-FLO Zeta Zinc 22% 1-2qts/Acre
  • TECH-SPRAY Hi-K 0-26-28 1-2qts/Acre 
  • TECH-GRO B-17, 17% Boron 2-3#’s/Acre 
  • TECH-GRO AlphaDF, 5#/Acre
  • OR
  • TECH-FLO ZMC 1 gallon/acre

Tech-Spray(R) Hi-K 0-26-28 is a water-soluble liquid concentrate that is a combination of Phosphate and Potash derived only from phosphate sources.  Many growers find the inclusion of Phosphate with their Potassium source to be ideal. Phosphorous is essential for fall root development and an important energy source as trees come out of dormancy next season.  Potassium is very active in plant-water relations and aids in drought and freeze resistance.

Tech-Gro(R)B-17 Boric Acid SprayTM has been shown to supply the most effective, safest form of Boron for plants. Including Boron in post-harvest programs has many benefits, particularly in spring health of floral parts including pollen tubules.

For questions about your crop’s needs, specific products, mixing, or to schedule a visit from one of our PCA’s email, call, or stop by your local fertilizer dealer and ask for us by name!

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