ACRECIO: Increased Yield, Earlier Harvest

ACRECIO biostimulant increase head lettuce size quality profit

New opportunities arise when you are prepared.

A lettuce grower participating in a field trial for ACRECIO learned firsthand that real money is at stake if you have the quality marketers want, when they want it.

ACRECIO was shanked in pre-plant at 1.25 gal/acre and side-dressed after thinning at 1.25 gal/acre.  The grower had the whole crop contracted for processing.  When a 3-day window became available for a better paying fresh market contract, they assessed the fields*.

Nutrient Technologies Acrecio biostimulant increase yield humid acid

ACRECIO treated lettuce would be ready in time for fresh market harvest the following week.  The grower’s standard lettuce was too small.  At harvest, treat acres averaged 38 pounds per 24-count box.

The treated acres were harvested earlier for a premium price and showed an increase in quality and yield over the grower standard.

The grower also wanted to replace his $200/acre biostimulant product to increase his profitability.  The grower’s standard earned $12,984/acre.  The ACRECIO input cost about $75/acre and returned him $14,821.acre.

That is a net return of $1,763 MORE per acre with ACRECIO.

The ACRECIACTIV® molecule is a purified compound produced naturally by plants
ACRECIO is designed to help plants resist environmental stresses, stimulate the soil’s microorganisms making nutrients more available, and our proprietary molecule ACRECIACTIV amplifies the natural action of ethylene and auxin
on root development.  Read MORE

For more information about ACRECIO or trial information, email or contact your local Territory Sales Manager or fertilizer dealer.

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