Brix, Yield, and Wine Grapes

Do you get 200% or 600% ROI now from your nutrient program?  Do you get the quality you want?

Growing wine grapes is different than growing most other crops. For some growers, quality matters more than yield, and making sure the crop is picked at the perfect brix is the most important goal. Other growers need to strike a balance between quality and yield for the types of wine their crops ultimately make.

Are foliar programs really worth it?

Below are 3 trials we did against the grower’s standard nutrient program, and their real results.  The Cabernet Sauvignon grower limits his yield, so yield data was not conducted on that trial.  All 3 growers wanted the best quality, as determined by brix, to help fetch a better price for their crop.

The cost of our Nutrient Programs to the growers were: $90.30/acre for Cabernet Sauvignon, $56.23/acre for Chenin Blanc, and $56.23 for  French Colombard.  For every dollar ($1) invested by Chenin Blanc grower, $2 came back, or a 2:1 ratio.  For the French Colombard grower, it was $6, or 6:1 ratio.  That is 200%- 600% ROI!

For crops that meet or exceed your expectations season after season, choose a nutrient program designed to meet your goals. Grow With Us!

You can order products at or from your local fertilizer dealer like Nutrien Ag Solutions, Northwest Wholesale, Saddle Mountain Supply, Farm Supply, USA Ag Supplies and many more.

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