We believe in agriculture. We develop products to unlock a crop's full potential. We make essential plant nutrients that help growers grow.

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We offer 3 product lines specifically developed to deliver essential plant nutrients in the most effective way.  By addressing nutrient needs of crops, growers can see healthier plants, increased yields, better quality produce, and increased profits.


Slow-release flowable formulations deliver concentrated amounts of secondary and micro nutrients.

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Fast-acting liquid plant nutrients designed to be sprayed directly onto foliage for maximum effectiveness.

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Highly concentrated soluble or wettable powdered nutrients designed for spray application.

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What People Say


wine grapes

In the past, we have tried a number of different foliar nutrient products with little to no success. At my son’s insistence, we decided to try Nutrient Technologies’ products in our vineyards, and they have become a great asset to our operation.

Larry Marchant

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Carl Tanner, President of Nutrient Technologies

Carl Tanner


Jeff Reimche, Director of Technical Operations at Nutrient Technologies

Jeff Reimche

Director of Technical Operations

Chris Reimche, Chemist and Special Projects Manager at Nutrient Technologies

Chris Reimche

Chemist and Special Project Manager

Jeff Waters, Director of Sales and Marketing at Nutrient Technologies

Jeff Waters

Director of Sales and Marketing

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De Sangosse Group

De Sangosse Global Companies with Nutrient Technologies USA and Agronutrition France

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Agronutrition fertilizer products

A leader in France, Agronutrition is entirely dedicated to plant nutrition and optimization of agricultural production.  Our teams design, manufacture and market nutritional and bio-stimulant solutions to provide appropriate and precise nutrition from sowing to harvest for more than 45 years.  Browse Agronutrition products and contact Nutrient Technologies for product information and availability.


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